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Cosmetics, A Subversive Revolution for Women

Not long ago, there were no people knowing the existing of cosmetics in China in 90s. Girls just acknowledged how to make up simply for themselves and even be shameful of the love of beauty for the traditional concept at that special time. But nowadays, things are totally changed since the stationing of the cosmetics in our nation.

At the very first time, few cosmetics products got the chances to enter Chinese market, not because of limitation rule of the CIQ (custom) , but the general mood of Chinese people which strongly prevented the needs for make-up. For the ordinary person of Chinese, their able only had a few perfumes and creams that might be secretly sent from some middleman of Hong Kong black market. Chinese people, especially the Chinese women, are still not liberated from the traditional brains until the reform and open policy. From when, a real revolution for women is around the corner and unstoppable.

Thanks for the open policy, the foreign movies and stars begun to enter Chinese everyday life. The image of the screen stars is imitated by young girls even middle age women on a large scale. Trend is extremely horrible. Almost all the Chinese women knows the importance of beauty. But how to be beauty? Certainly, the cosmetics market has been opened in China. Later, the products like cosmetics, skin care, makeup, fragrance and so on soon move forward into view of Chinese women customers.

Recently, different kinds of brands of cosmetics have captured Chinese market. The top brand like Cenir Boo, Loreal and so on has customized many kinds of vogue and fashion plan for Chinese women in the brand concept of “ fashion, relaxed, creative play”, overall controlling the world’s top popular information, combining with the trend of Chinese girls and setting the “ 3S Personas System” including SEXY, SWEET and SPIRT of REBELLION as the main line.

Just set Cenir Boo as an example, this brand has become Chinese fashion make-up brand leader by grasping the latest global fashion elements, quickly occupying the market with ten times amount and speed more than other traditional brands and recruiting Asia’s most popular stars S.H.E to promote the sales. This is the success of foreign cosmetics products as well as the revolution of Chinese women personality. As a result, we can see all sorts of beautiful girls with all sorts of cosmetics, light or heavy, walking on the street confidently.