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Tips for long-lasting makeup in spring

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1. Primer and oil control

Foundation tends to accumulate on areas where the skin is too dry, so moisturizing the skin is very important. Choose to apply a refreshing lotion, wait for 5 minutes, the skin has completely absorbed the nutrients, and then use the base cream. But don’t use products that are too moisturizing, as this will easily make the base makeup fall off.

2. Liquid foundation lasts longer than pressed powder

You can use opaque liquid foundation, so as to achieve the best base makeup effect. If you use powder foundation, it is often easy to dry and form clots, which makes the makeup feel too heavy and produces fine lines.

3. Use a brush

When there are acne and small blemishes on the face, using a concealer is the most correct choice, because the concealer can isolate other cosmetics and has no direct contact with the skin, so it will not slip off and cause makeup to fall off. Using a brush to apply concealer can make the base makeup look more natural and not easy to take off.

4. Skillful use of pressed powder

Using powder can change the color of the face, but it is easy to form dry lines, so you should use a transparent powder to make the light and shadow effect of the base makeup more natural. Usually it also needs to be applied in the center of the face, so as to brighten the brow and cheekbones and make the whole person look radiant.

5. Concealer

A large part of the reason for removing makeup is that the proportion of makeup on the face is different, so the way to hold the sponge should be very particular. First, use three fingers to press the back of the sponge, and gently lean on the thumb and little finger to stabilize it , Let one-half of the sponge stick to an even amount of powder, first from the forehead to the temple, then from the nose to the bridge of the nose, and finally the cheeks.

6. After applying the base makeup, use the sponge in reverse

Anyone who believes in makeup knows that the thinner the foundation is, the more natural it will look. After gently pushing the foundation evenly, you can turn the sponge upside down and use the clean side, and press the foundation vertically on the face, so as to ensure that every grain The powders all adhere closely to the skin.

Beginners learn the sequence of light makeup steps

The fast-paced urban life makes every day tense and fulfilling. Do you also wash up quickly every morning, change clothes and go out? Today, the editor brings you a delicate and unobtrusive makeup look, with light makeup, vibrant eyes, and ruddy lips. It only takes 5 minutes to get it done easily, so you can go out beautifully!

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Step 1: Apply a moisturizing lotion or cream

Want to make your makeup more docile and not fade all day long? it’s actually really easy. The most important thing is to do a good job of moisturizing before applying makeup, so that the phenomenon of floating powder and dry skin will be greatly reduced when applying the base makeup. Whether it is dry skin or oily skin, it is necessary to apply moisturizing lotion or cream, especially during the changing seasons, the skin is easily unstable and it is not easy to apply makeup.

Step 2: Apply base cream or makeup primer

In order to save time, some white-collar workers skip the step of applying foundation cream and directly apply foundation, which is very inappropriate. Not only will it clog pores over time, resulting in poor skin quality, but it is also not easy to spread evenly when applying foundation. If the skin quality is good enough, you can only apply the base cream, or even do not apply foundation, because some base creams have a moisturizing effect, and can also prevent external dirt from entering the pores.

Step 3: honey powder instead of foundation

Use light powder or loose powder instead of foundation. You only need a big puff or a big brush to swipe on the forehead, cheeks, chin, etc., and sweep along the pores. Note that if you use a powder puff, gently pat the cheeks to apply the powder, and do not apply it hard, as it is easy to irritate the skin. Loose powder has the effect of controlling oil and setting makeup, and at the same time it can also brighten the skin tone, modify some small blemishes, and make the makeup look natural and clear. You can use some blush to enhance the complexion.

Step 4: Eyeliner instead of eyeshadow

Only eyeliner can also make the eyes vivid. Just draw a black or dark brown eyeliner pen along the root of the eyelashes from the eye to a little bit more at the end of the eye. You can gently smudge the eyeliner with your fingers Some. For white-collar workers who are more proficient in makeup, you can use liquid eyeliner to draw eyeliner, and you can ignore the lower eyeliner.

Step 5: Apply Mascara

After quickly curling the eyelashes, apply black mascara in a zigzag motion. Some mascaras have a very good curling effect, so even without an eyelash curler, you can directly brush the eyelashes, which saves time.

Step 6: Outline the eyebrow shape

Eyebrows are a vital part of the whole makeup, because even a plain face, a perfect eyebrow makeup can make people look radiant. The color of the eyebrows should be the same as the hair color. People with dark hair can use an eyebrow pencil to outline the eyebrow shape. People with brown hair can use brown eyebrow powder to draw eyebrows.

Step 7: Apply Lipstick

After choosing a lipstick in an elegant color, use your fingers to apply it to the lips, which is not only fast, but the lipstick will be very even. Before applying lipstick, be sure to use a moisturizing lip balm as a primer, so that the lips will look fuller and more moisturized.

How to choose the segregation cream that suits you?

How to choose different skin colors

1. The purple base cream has the effect of neutralizing yellow, which can make the skin appear healthy, bright and rosy. Suitable for yellowish, dull skin.

2. The function of green isolation cream is to neutralize excessive redness, acne marks and acne marks on the face, and it can make the skin show a brightening effect. Suitable for skin with redness on the face.

3. White base cream can increase the brightness of the skin tone and make the skin more radiant. It is very suitable for those dark, dull, unclean and uneven pigment distribution skin.

4. The blue base cream can gently modify the skin tone, making the skin look naturally matte and more pure and fair. It is very suitable for those skin that is pale and lacks blood tone.

5. The golden isolation cream is relatively seldom used. It is more suitable for creating healthy chocolate-colored skin. This isolation cream can make the skin look dark and rosy, crystal clear and translucent.

6. Skin color isolation is the same as skin color. It has no toning effect, but it has an efficient moisturizing effect. It is more suitable for people with rosy skin and good foundation.

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How to choose different skin types

1. The skin is oily, choose a refreshing and oil-controlling isolation cream, you can apply an appropriate isolation cream on the face, and then watch the skin condition of the face after 30 minutes. If there are problems such as floating powder, dull skin, and oil on the face, it means The oil control effect of this base cream is not good.

2. If the skin is dry, choose a moisturizing base cream, first apply an appropriate base cream on the back of the hand, if there are no hand lines, then try it on the face. After 30 minutes, if problems such as powder sticking and peeling appear on the face, it proves that the moisturizing effect of the isolation cream is not good.

French luxury Chanel brand introduction

The famous French luxury brand, which started in 1910, is famous all over the world for fashion boutiques, watches, high-end jewelry, perfume and beauty products. The double C logo, diamond pattern and camellia are the brand logos, No.5 perfume, 2.55 handbags , little black dress, and two-color shoes are the eternal classics in the fashion industry.

In 1910, Gabrielle Chanel opened her first millinery shop at 21 rue Cambon in Paris, making hats under the name of “Chanel Fashion”. Her designs were favored by famous French actresses of the time and brought her a reputation. Gabrielle Chanel’s simple and elegant dress style caused a sensation and quickly swept the whole of Paris.

In 1913, Gabrielle Chanel opened a clothing store in Duvier, France, and launched a sportswear series. Her revolutionary jersey knitwear, which gave women a new awareness of their bodies and changed the way women lived, was an instant success.

Chanel brand makeup has a wide range of products, including clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, skin care products, perfume and so on. The brand’s fashion design has an elegant, concise and exquisite style. In the 1940s, it successfully pushed the “five-flowered” women’s clothing to a simple and comfortable design.

In addition to fashion, Chanel also launched Chanel No. 5 perfume in 1921. The No. 5 perfume bottle with actress Nicole Kidman as the spokesperson is a glass bottle with a very Art Deco taste. Chanel No.5 is the first perfume bottle named after a designer. The “double C” logo also makes this bottle of perfume the most profitable product in Chanel’s history, and it has lasted for a long time on the time corridor of Hengyuan. It is still a key product on Chanel’s official website.

After the death of Chanel, in 1983, it was succeeded by design genius Karl Lagerfeld (KARL LAGERFELD). Since 1983, he has been the chief designer of Chanel, pushing Chanel’s fashion to another peak. Karl Lagerfeld has a free, arbitrary and relaxed design mentality. He always magically unifies the two opposing works of art in his design, which is unrestrained and dignified, with French romance, humor and German style. Rigorous and refined style. He has no constant styling lines and preferred colors, but he can appreciate the pure style of “Chanel” from the beginning to the end of his design.

The secret of being rich is wholesale makeup

So far as the topic wealth is concerned, different people have different opinions about it. Some think that wealth means everything. To them, wealth or having a lot of money can help them to do what they want to do. With a lot of money , they can buy the beautiful house, expensive car, beautiful clothes , and so on. They even have the idea that they can buy happiness which they like. However, no one has ever concerned about how to get wealth or how to be rich. Today, our point of being rich is to put yourself into wholesale makeup.

Speaking of the wholesale, people all knows that wholesale comes into being with the development of commodity economy. The development of commodity production and commodity exchange has increased the purchase and sales volume of commodities, expanded the circulation scope, and made it difficult or inconvenient for producers to exchange commodities directly with each other or between producers and retailers. As a result, a wholesale business like wholesale cosmetics and wholesale makeup online has emerged, which purchases commodities directly from producers and resells them to other producers or retailers. There is a division of labor between wholesale and retail within the commercial sector. Wholesale makeup business is generally operated by wholesale enterprises. The quantity of commodities sold in each batch is large and they are sold at the wholesale price. The wholesale price of goods especially the wholesale cosmetics is lower than the retail price, that is, there is a wholesale retail price difference, which is composed of circulation costs, taxes and profits consumed by retail enterprises. Commercial wholesale is the intermediate link between production and retail. Through commercial wholesale activities, social products can enter the circulation field from the production field and play the role of organizing and mobilizing the commodity circulation between regions. It can also play the role of “reservoir” through commodity storage to balance commodity supply and demand. With the emerging of internet, wholesale makeup online also plays a key role in such great tide of wholesale wave.

As for the situation in our country, along with the reform of commodity circulation entering the deep stage, the severe restriction of the wholesale shrinkage on the circulation efficiency has made a negative conclusion from the practical level to the “wholesale is useless” theory, and efficiency and cost will eventually replace the number of links as the core indicators to measure whether the commodity circulation channel links are reasonable or not. China’s wholesale makeup industry is faced with the important task and mission of revitalizing the wholesale industry by forming a efficiency oriented coordination mechanism with the production and retail sectors. So this is apparently a very good chance for the revitalization of wholesale cosmetics.

Better to grasp this good opportunity in this special time and being rich.