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My Story with the City Color La Sandia Eyeshadow Palette

People always remember things. So do I. When think about something I really care about, I more often than not cannot stop my tears lying down. Right in this moment, I am a worker, far away from a student in college. Sitting in this bright office, drinking the good tea, and using the neat desk, who can imagine that I still have someone buried deeply in my mind.

I still remember the afternoon we met in the first time when was about the City Color La Sandia Eyeshadow Palette. We actually know each other on the internet. We talk and chat and sing to each other, but we have never seen each others’ face. And then I get her name. When I ask her why she names herself like that, she said it was all because for one thing she loved to name like that. For another thing, she herself loved the girl in ancient time who named the same as that. The girl who stands for both the hope and disparate is really her favorite. Then we finally met in the afternoon. One afternoon when was so plain and so special.

The day we met was set up. And our secret code was eyeshadow, I loved you. Then I took my mobile phone to get out and contact with her. “Where are you now?” She asked me. “I am right in the second stone of the reading garden.” I answered. “Is it really? But why can’t I see you?” “I think it is because I am so handsome that covered your eyes and prevent you from seeing me.” I made tricks on her. “Hah, let’s get out together. I am covering with the City Color La Sandia Eyeshadow Palette.” “Wow, what are you think about, do you want to attract me by smearing the City Color La Sandia Eyeshadow Palette?”

After so many words, we finally met with each other. “Hi.” I said. “Hi” She answered. “How weird we are. Shouldn’t we say something useful?” OK, to be honest, that’s our first scene of meeting. And then, I asked her to be my girlfriend. “Will you want to be my girlfriend?” “Yes, I do.” Soon, not long after we broke up. I have never thought it could be so quick. I did not know why, but accepted the truth. How bad!

How About Buy an Amor Us Two – Way Powder Foundation and Send to Friends

I have a friend who lived in a very poor countryside in her childhood, so she never wore any ornaments, let alone the luxury products like Amor Us Two – Way Powder Foundation. I still remembered that one day I watched the computer screen when i was at school, as my dormitory mate, she just stood behind my desk and saw the power products very earnestly from the screen. And I asked her whether she liked it, she said yes. But when I said I would buy one for her as her birthday gift, she hurriedly shook her hands and firmly refused my goodwill.


Not long ago, there finally came a chance. I heard that there was a big price cutting on the Internet about the Amor Us Two – Way Powder Foundation selling. You know, the Amor Us Two – Way Powder Foundation is a very famous brand which hardly has the big sale activity. Thus I consumed that maybe I could buy one for her as a friend’s goodwill, for that one thing she has longed for it. For another thing, it is really not expensive and fit for her taste. Even though I knew she would be not happy and may guessed that I looked down on her, I still wanted to do this.


The courier was so fast that on second day I bought the powder product, it had been sent to my dormitory room. I said thanks to the courier staff and took the box back inside. My friend was doing the homework right the moment. I secretly walked to her behind and showed the Amor Us Two – Way Powder Foundation suddenly. “See!” I said to her. “What is that?” She felt something but still waited for my retying what I was going to say. “I buy the powder for you.” “Why, I have told you that it is no necessary …” Her face looked so surprised but full of unbelievable expression. It seemed that she must be happy in heart, but her surprise was as big as her joy.


“No, I think I must buy it for you, because you are my best friend.” I said. And I saw pairs of tears were appeared in her eyes. “I am so proud that i am your friend.” What a good stories between she and I.

A summary of Other top companies Beauty products

Makeup has always been one of the most precious components of the female. Where there are incalculable models for beauty making way up merchandise, Lime green Criminal activity is one kind of such top models. This specific manufacturer, when a smaller, independent operation, is growing at a incredible rate. In fact, Lime Transgression is proven to be your makeup company that is certainly at the least a fantasy selection. The emblem pointed in the calendar year 2009. A founding father of vehicles, Doe Deere, is definitely the mastermind driving this specific illustrious brand name. Doe is famous visibility along with reliability regarding the woman brand and the item inclusions.

Kylie's Diary | Kyshadow + Blush Palette

Kylie’s Diary | Kyshadow + Blush Palette

There are women who love the company, nonetheless currently have really less idea of Lime green Transgression where to buy. There are numerous web-sites which supply many of the planet’s most incredible makeup brands. A great number of web sites, as well as beauty and health, offer a unique product range less than specific areas including hair merchandise, attire, necklaces, baggage, shoes or boots, accessories and others. Limescale Offense bakes an suitable go with for females who definitely are passionate about the make up they will wear and the way they seem. Citrus Crime’s Velvetines are among the well known matte lipsticks while in the part. Also, the most up-to-date selection Alchemy features pigments involving shifting purples, burning coppers and also harmful green vegitables. Not only for women that happen to be involving manner or pictures are Limescale Criminal offense items the best option, however they are additionally suited to all women who wishes for you to pamper she is by incorporating of the most useful cosmetic makeup products from the niche.

The company promotes numerous unique products- 4 eyeshadow combinations, a selection of loose colors, various rainbow-colored fluid boats, any fanciful group of toe nail shine, an accumulation of glistening lip gloss, plus an infinite line of ‘much in-demand’ lipsticks. Just about all solutions demonstrate an excellent finish off and they are long-lasting.

2017 Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis

2017 Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis

The beauty of Calcium Criminal offense would be that it can be a cruelty-free make-up company for women. That articulates sizes of some magical stories, which have been fancy in their own means. According to Doe, this can be a plastic brand which is connected with ‘fun’ component. A label Lime Criminal activity is actually a rhyming a single, which anywhere joins to be able to fairy-tales. Vehicles features a unicorn mascot which will symbolizes beauty, identity as well as goodness for you to animals.

How To make Nude Makeup For A More Natural Look

It’s everybody from the runways to celebrity lane – it’s the nude makeup look that is the tallness of design at this moment. It’s an inconspicuous search that is ideal for letting the normal gleam of your face shine through.
The nude look in makeup brings out your regular magnificence by using makeup in inconspicuous shades that work with your common coloring, giving you a totally feminine and downplayed style. However, despite the fact that the hues utilized are extremely unpretentious, you can even now turn out badly with the application. To help you, here are exactly few tips and traps here to offer you some assistance with getting that fragile, normal shine.

1. Skin Care

Having healthy skin is the principal standard in getting any makeup look right, so make beyond any doubt that you clean, saturate and tone.
This is considerably more vital bare makeup look, on the grounds that the establishment is so light. If your skin is healthy and glowing, it will be highlighted. If it’s unhealthy or dull, you won’t have the capacity to cover it up.

Nude makeup makes the vast majority of your own normal brilliance, so it’s essential to begin with your skin in the most ideal condition. Spoil yourself with fantastic chemicals and lotions. You might need to attempt a moisturizing serum with Vitamin E for most extreme hydration.

2. Establishment

Utilize a light establishment that will level out your skin tones and gives a smooth surface without changing your skin shading. Establishment ought to be connected on your T-zone (temple, nose, and chin) and down to the neck to give you an even composition. Keep in mind, however, that oil or sweat will bring about the establishment to obscure, perhaps to significantly darker than your characteristic skin tone. That is the reason it’s prescribed to run one shade lighter with your establishment if you experience difficulty with sleek skin or if you tend to sweat.

3. Concealer

Your concealer ought to additionally be one shade lighter than your appearance. That will offer you to cover those dim under eye some assistance with circling. Try not to run over the edge with concealer or you’ll gaze excessively made upward. Concealer is generally connected after establishment, yet you can pretty much too choose to utilize concealer before your establishment. Whichever way is right.

4. Redden

Use of become flushed is one of the finish touches for any style of makeup. For the bare look, you’ll need to choose a fragile shade that is marginally discernible for accenting the cheeks. The most ideal approach to apply redden is to grin, then apply shading on the apple of your cheeks, sweeping it back toward the temple. To find the most normal shade of become flushed for you, pinch your cheek daintily and contrast redden hues with the flushed cheek shading that surfaces.

5. Eye Shadow

Your eye shadow application is a standout amongst the most pivotal parts of the bare look. You need the light use of unbiased hues. You’ll have to stay with tans, grays, and comparative characteristic looking shades. Be cautious not to try too hard with shadow; having an excessive amount of eye makeup will ruin the search that you’re going for.

6. Mascara

Dark mascara is totally strange in the delicate, regular nude look. Instead, run with cocoa mascaras, which make for exceptionally fetching and feminine eyes that look totally regular.
It ought to abandon saying that the emotional look of false lashes is totally untouchable with this design palette.

7. Lipstick

Finally, we should discuss the most vital part of bare makeup style – your lipstick.

Avoid any striking shading. No profound dim reds! An exceptionally pale peach or mauve that matches the shade of your lips is significantly more suitable.

Four steps to get our electric eye makeup easily captured the hearts of men of God

Want to captured the hearts of men of God,good look depands on makeup , Eye makeup is the most important part is the makeup, on a date more should pay attention to, can not draw too thick makeup, it is easy to scare him off. Sweet and pure and innocent sense of eye makeup is the most popular male god, as long as the society of eye makeup, your chances of success will be a lot of high Oh, don’t hesitate, hastened to mark down slowly practice.

To build sweet eyes, must choose more delicate colors, not dead. Like the orange pink eye shadow, can brighten eyes, but not too exaggerated. Apply the right amount of eye shadow in the upper eyelid half position, must be more uniform.

Then with a flash brown eye shadow, and in the latter part of the eye. Remember, eye shadow to select with a little pearl effect, but do not sequins too. Oh, this effect is much better than the matte.

To create a sense of innocence, to draw the silkworm. With champagne or pearl white eye shadow, in sweeping under the lid of the first four three position, eye shadow only need to a little, if the smear too much will not natural, and seemed a bit fake.

Finally is eyelashes part, do not know you have found, South Korea the United States eyebrow eyelash is very natural, rarely say brush is very thick black, because that tend to show their makeup sense, in fact, a layer of faint is enough. After the eyelashes on the brush, but also remember to brush under the eyelashes oh.