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Beautiful and delicate nails keep peoples in a good mood

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It is said that making a beautiful and delicate nail will keep people in good mood. This sentence is actually based on the fact that a beautiful nail will always make people more confident. If you keep confident all the time, then life and work will be more smoothly, so you will naturally have a good mood. Today Xiaobian is going to give a big one. Share some nails that will help you maintain your confidence. They are exquisite and beautiful. Don’t miss them!

Of course, autumn and winter can not be short of a delicate halo nail, in the halo texture plus some gold foil decoration, will make the nail look more exquisite, at the same time, the halo artistic conception, will also make your nail more durable oh~

Exquisite sequined nails, with simple and fashionable polished nails, these two contrasting textures can set off each other’s advantages, so that your fingertips are more distinctive.


The charm of red manicure need not be made up. Many girls are very obsessed with red manicure. With red pure manicure and some exquisite nude manicure, it will make the red manicure look more gentle.

Naked nails are very suitable to add some diamond jewelry, because nude color can perfectly show the nature of diamonds, not affected by the color of the armor, diamond jewelry will appear more shiny and delicate oh, such naked nails, very elegant, with a grinding texture of wine red, temperament has been improved again, very attractive. Oh ~

The splicing and irregular halo dyeing made of mirror flour are very unique, especially mirror halo dyeing, irregular mirror metal luster, which makes fingertips look very artistic.


Gradual nail is also the preferred frontal style of many girls. On the basis of gradual change, some shiny elements such as sequins and shells will make fingertips look exquisite and gentle, which will give people a feeling of intimacy and make you reap good popularity.

Use plain manicure with delicate halo nail, can make simple plain manicure more attractive, no matter how you look at it will not be tired.

Beanstalk nails are also very popular in autumn and winter. First of all, the whitening effect of this color is obvious to all. It will make your skin look more white. At the same time, Beanstalk has a special elegant and fashionable temperament. Beanstalk nails with ground beanstalk and exquisite nude diamond nails are almost finished. Beauty’s face value, it’s hard not to be moved.


Bean sandy nails with nude halo nails are also very beautiful. The whole nail looks delicate and fashionable, with an elegant temperament, so that your fingertips look particularly gentle.

Pure nail with irregular halo nail, it also looks very bright, this seems very irregular halo method, in fact, a very good shape of the unique temperament of nails, so that your nails become unique and irreproducible style.

In the delicate halo nail, outline the edge of the nail, make a wrapped nail, will make the fingertips look more fashionable, as if in the fingertips draw a focus, let people notice your delicate beautiful nails at a glance.


Cool rose golden mirror nail, with a very unique texture, so that the fingertips look very personalized, coupled with some three-dimensional texture, will have a very delicate face, people like it at first sight.

The delicate nail is like magic, but people can’t help but want to see more. Especially the unique nail like this, which has a unique theme, will make you have a different nail experience.

Are these delicate nails that won’t go too far?