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A Story of Cosmetics and Love

Once again, she was watching his approaching towards her, inch by inch, step by step. Even though his target seemed absolutely not her, she still be so excited with head-up in her greatest confidence. “See,” she told herself, “ he’s coming for me. Maybe it is not for me, I still believe it be…”

Five years ago, they were all students in same high school in same city. And she fell in love with him just in the first sight she saw him. No expectation, and no prediction. So young, and so beautiful. It just happened in this way, she could feel her heart almost jumping out from where it should stay when he was smiling at her, or precisely, grinning at her direction. Maybe, sometimes she wondered that, he just showed the goodwill to someone else around her at that time. Maybe another girl, who knows. Each time thinking about this she would become a little sad without a reason for that she was not so confident about her look. She thought she knew her face well. The expression of girls’ looks such as round, black, pimple-faced and so on seemed all having connection to her to some extent.

So she never wished extravagantly about his favor. Look, he was so handsome, so tall and so talkative that she definitely got even a bit little of chance of winning his affection even though she did love him. She called it pity. And this pity should last for so long until five years passed.

Now, she just graduated from college for one year and worked in a quite good company. At where, she had learnt how to be beautiful and charming and how to use the cosmetics. She remembered firmly what one of her female colleagues told her, that women should not live under the favor of men, instead, women needs to be their own queen and live for themselves. She couldn’t agree it more. Then, she begun to abandon the concept of longing for men’s love and paid attention to all kinds of cosmetics on the market and gradually became the top beauty in her company.

However, right in this moment, she encountered him in such a way. Five years passed, now she should have courage to stare at him directly. She was waiting for his first word. “Hi,” the men said, “ you are such a beautiful women, seems like you have a great taste in life…”

Paused for few seconds, he continued, “ you are so charming that could be better than my wife ten times. I hate her using no cosmetics, just like an old women.”