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My Story with the City Color La Sandia Eyeshadow Palette

People always remember things. So do I. When think about something I really care about, I more often than not cannot stop my tears lying down. Right in this moment, I am a worker, far away from a student in college. Sitting in this bright office, drinking the good tea, and using the neat desk, who can imagine that I still have someone buried deeply in my mind.

I still remember the afternoon we met in the first time when was about the City Color La Sandia Eyeshadow Palette. We actually know each other on the internet. We talk and chat and sing to each other, but we have never seen each others’ face. And then I get her name. When I ask her why she names herself like that, she said it was all because for one thing she loved to name like that. For another thing, she herself loved the girl in ancient time who named the same as that. The girl who stands for both the hope and disparate is really her favorite. Then we finally met in the afternoon. One afternoon when was so plain and so special.

The day we met was set up. And our secret code was eyeshadow, I loved you. Then I took my mobile phone to get out and contact with her. “Where are you now?” She asked me. “I am right in the second stone of the reading garden.” I answered. “Is it really? But why can’t I see you?” “I think it is because I am so handsome that covered your eyes and prevent you from seeing me.” I made tricks on her. “Hah, let’s get out together. I am covering with the City Color La Sandia Eyeshadow Palette.” “Wow, what are you think about, do you want to attract me by smearing the City Color La Sandia Eyeshadow Palette?”

After so many words, we finally met with each other. “Hi.” I said. “Hi” She answered. “How weird we are. Shouldn’t we say something useful?” OK, to be honest, that’s our first scene of meeting. And then, I asked her to be my girlfriend. “Will you want to be my girlfriend?” “Yes, I do.” Soon, not long after we broke up. I have never thought it could be so quick. I did not know why, but accepted the truth. How bad!