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How to choose the segregation cream that suits you?

How to choose different skin colors

1. The purple base cream has the effect of neutralizing yellow, which can make the skin appear healthy, bright and rosy. Suitable for yellowish, dull skin.

2. The function of green isolation cream is to neutralize excessive redness, acne marks and acne marks on the face, and it can make the skin show a brightening effect. Suitable for skin with redness on the face.

3. White base cream can increase the brightness of the skin tone and make the skin more radiant. It is very suitable for those dark, dull, unclean and uneven pigment distribution skin.

4. The blue base cream can gently modify the skin tone, making the skin look naturally matte and more pure and fair. It is very suitable for those skin that is pale and lacks blood tone.

5. The golden isolation cream is relatively seldom used. It is more suitable for creating healthy chocolate-colored skin. This isolation cream can make the skin look dark and rosy, crystal clear and translucent.

6. Skin color isolation is the same as skin color. It has no toning effect, but it has an efficient moisturizing effect. It is more suitable for people with rosy skin and good foundation.

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How to choose different skin types

1. The skin is oily, choose a refreshing and oil-controlling isolation cream, you can apply an appropriate isolation cream on the face, and then watch the skin condition of the face after 30 minutes. If there are problems such as floating powder, dull skin, and oil on the face, it means The oil control effect of this base cream is not good.

2. If the skin is dry, choose a moisturizing base cream, first apply an appropriate base cream on the back of the hand, if there are no hand lines, then try it on the face. After 30 minutes, if problems such as powder sticking and peeling appear on the face, it proves that the moisturizing effect of the isolation cream is not good.