French luxury Chanel brand introduction

The famous French luxury brand, which started in 1910, is famous all over the world for fashion boutiques, watches, high-end jewelry, perfume and beauty products. The double C logo, diamond pattern and camellia are the brand logos, No.5 perfume, 2.55 handbags , little black dress, and two-color shoes are the eternal classics in the fashion industry.

In 1910, Gabrielle Chanel opened her first millinery shop at 21 rue Cambon in Paris, making hats under the name of “Chanel Fashion”. Her designs were favored by famous French actresses of the time and brought her a reputation. Gabrielle Chanel’s simple and elegant dress style caused a sensation and quickly swept the whole of Paris.

In 1913, Gabrielle Chanel opened a clothing store in Duvier, France, and launched a sportswear series. Her revolutionary jersey knitwear, which gave women a new awareness of their bodies and changed the way women lived, was an instant success.

Chanel brand makeup has a wide range of products, including clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, skin care products, perfume and so on. The brand’s fashion design has an elegant, concise and exquisite style. In the 1940s, it successfully pushed the “five-flowered” women’s clothing to a simple and comfortable design.

In addition to fashion, Chanel also launched Chanel No. 5 perfume in 1921. The No. 5 perfume bottle with actress Nicole Kidman as the spokesperson is a glass bottle with a very Art Deco taste. Chanel No.5 is the first perfume bottle named after a designer. The “double C” logo also makes this bottle of perfume the most profitable product in Chanel’s history, and it has lasted for a long time on the time corridor of Hengyuan. It is still a key product on Chanel’s official website.

After the death of Chanel, in 1983, it was succeeded by design genius Karl Lagerfeld (KARL LAGERFELD). Since 1983, he has been the chief designer of Chanel, pushing Chanel’s fashion to another peak. Karl Lagerfeld has a free, arbitrary and relaxed design mentality. He always magically unifies the two opposing works of art in his design, which is unrestrained and dignified, with French romance, humor and German style. Rigorous and refined style. He has no constant styling lines and preferred colors, but he can appreciate the pure style of “Chanel” from the beginning to the end of his design.

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