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How About Buy an Amor Us Two – Way Powder Foundation and Send to Friends

I have a friend who lived in a very poor countryside in her childhood, so she never wore any ornaments, let alone the luxury products like Amor Us Two – Way Powder Foundation. I still remembered that one day I watched the computer screen when i was at school, as my dormitory mate, she just stood behind my desk and saw the power products very earnestly from the screen. And I asked her whether she liked it, she said yes. But when I said I would buy one for her as her birthday gift, she hurriedly shook her hands and firmly refused my goodwill.


Not long ago, there finally came a chance. I heard that there was a big price cutting on the Internet about the Amor Us Two – Way Powder Foundation selling. You know, the Amor Us Two – Way Powder Foundation is a very famous brand which hardly has the big sale activity. Thus I consumed that maybe I could buy one for her as a friend’s goodwill, for that one thing she has longed for it. For another thing, it is really not expensive and fit for her taste. Even though I knew she would be not happy and may guessed that I looked down on her, I still wanted to do this.


The courier was so fast that on second day I bought the powder product, it had been sent to my dormitory room. I said thanks to the courier staff and took the box back inside. My friend was doing the homework right the moment. I secretly walked to her behind and showed the Amor Us Two – Way Powder Foundation suddenly. “See!” I said to her. “What is that?” She felt something but still waited for my retying what I was going to say. “I buy the powder for you.” “Why, I have told you that it is no necessary …” Her face looked so surprised but full of unbelievable expression. It seemed that she must be happy in heart, but her surprise was as big as her joy.


“No, I think I must buy it for you, because you are my best friend.” I said. And I saw pairs of tears were appeared in her eyes. “I am so proud that i am your friend.” What a good stories between she and I.